Handmade Jewellery Straight off the Bench

HooDooLouLou is a small handmade Jewellery business specialising in sterling silver jewellery and ethically sourced gemstones run by local Sydney Jeweller Laura Mckay.

Laura's handcrafted jewellery blends ancient techniques with modern minimalism. Made with recycled silver and locally sourced gemstones, she creates pieces with intrinsic imperfections. Covering everything from staples to statements, each neck piece and ring changes subtly over time, reflecting the life of the wearer. Her handmade process works to maximise limited resources and sustainably sourced materials, challenging wearers to think about history and conscious living. 

Designed to complement a variety of tastes and lifestyles, HooDooLouLou's contemporary accessories are timeless and aim outlast passing trends.